Phill Ball  (Key note speaker)

Phil Ball works mainly for the Federation of Basque Schools, based in San Sebastián in Spain. He is a CLIL materials writer and teacher-trainer and has been closely involved with the award-winning Basque project, ‘Eleanitz’. He has been involved in several European-based CLIL projects, and has written a wide variety of CLIL-based textbooks for the Basque and Spanish socialscience and English language programmes. He co-designed the new ‘CLIL Essentials’ online course for the British Council and works as a consultant for NILE. He is the co-author of the new book about CLIL, ‘Putting CLIL into Practice’ (Oxford University Press 2015) and his textbook series ‘Subject Projects’ was nominated for the ELTONS prize, 2016.
Michael Thomas Bennett

is a primary teacher with a passion for teaching. He is the author os various blogs and web sites dedicated to the art of teaching. Science and Arts teacher for years 1 and 2 in primary education. Classroom teacher for a group of year 1 students. Coordinator of a Circus Arts programme as an extracurricular activity at Humanitas Bilingual School Tres Cantos.@mchlthmsbnntt
Michael Brand

is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. A passionate linguist, he studied French and German at Durham University, followed by a PGCE in Modern Languages. He has taught in England and Spain and has experience in the public and private sectors and across the primary and secondary school spectrum as well as adults. He now spends his time training teachers on all things ELT in schools, private language academies and official language schools as well as giving talks at conferences across Spain. He has a particular interest in motivational teaching methodology. 
Willy Cano

Willy Cano is a C.L.I.L. teacher trainer and a qualified bilingual teacher who works in the Bilingual Program of the Community of Madrid from its establishment. He wrote a CLIL Handbook for Spanish Bilingual Schools and He is working in European Projects. He is an advisor for several School Associations improving a CLIL development of Bilingualism. He posts all his contributions on his CLILforsuccess blog. He is coordinating CLIL materials for UDP.

Marcos Garasa Mayayo

Licenciado en filología Inglesa cursó posteriormente Magisterio. En el ámbito docente ha dirigido departamentos de idiomas en colegios bilingües y coordinador de la etapa de secundaria. Ha liderado y desarrollado la introducción de proyectos 1:1 y BYOD en centros de primaria y secundaria tras ser reconocido como como caso de éxito a nivel internacional.. Seleccionado como Apple Distinguished Educator en 2012, con Samsung como Teacher trainer desde 2013, como profesor innovador por Microsoft en 2014 y por Google como Certified Trainer en 2016 cuando también ha sido reconocido como embajador de Symbaloo.   Actualmente está dedicado a la formación del profesorado, la consultoría educativa y la investigación de pedagogías activas aplicadas al m-learning y e-learning ejerciendo como director pedagógico en Innedu y como profesor en cursos de postgrado de innovación educativa y competencia digital docente.
Nina Karen Lancaster

Nina Karen Lancaster is a State Secondary School teacher in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia with a permanent position at I.E.S Lllano de la Viña, Villargordo in the province of Jaén. She began her studies of languages completing a BA(hons) in French and Spanish at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle before becoming a member of the department of English Philology at Jaén University as an English teacher and also a PhD student. She continues working at Jaén University as a teacher within the Advanced Centre of Modern Languages and also as a That’s English tutor at the Official Language School of Jaén. She has recently completed research to complete her MA thesis analysing bilingual education in Andalusia and is about to embark upon her PhD thesis which will involve a broader study with a mixed quantitative-qualitative research design also based on bilingual education in Andalusia.
Diana Lindsay

Diana Lindsay is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in the San Sebastian. She has co-authored teaching materials and training courses for CLIL in Primary and Secondary education. Current interests include English-medium subject instruction from Primary to Higher Education, and professional standards for teachers.
Silvia López del Hierro

Silvia López del Hierro holds a PhD in Language Science. She is a full-time professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics of the Foreign Language Center at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She has participated in research projects in the area of foreign language teachers training, particularly on listening comprehension, learning autonomy and social representations in foreign languages.
María Teresa Mallén

María Teresa Mallén holds a BA in Literature and a Master´s degree in Applied Linguistics. She has been an English teacher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico since 1987 and a teacher trainer and researcher since the year 2000. She has been involved in several research projects on evaluation, culture, and distance learning.

Donal Thompson

worked in community theatre and theatre-in-education before coming to Spain 24 years ago to teach English. He has experience of a diverse range of teaching environments from preprimary playgroups and university seminars to online language coaching and immersive residential courses with the Spanish Armed Forces. He has imparted practical courses for teachers in the Madrid local education authority on how to use English poetry in their classroom. He now works as an independent editorial consultant working on CLIL materials for SM-UDP.

Luke Prodromou (Key note speaker)

Luke Prodromou graduated from Bristol University and has an MA in Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham University) a Diploma in Teaching English (Leeds University, with distinction) and a Ph.D (Nottingham University). He has been a plenary speaker at many international conferences, including IATEFL, UK. Luke is a founder member of Disabled Access Friendly Campaign for which he wrote - and performed, with D. Gibson - the ‘Wheelchair Sketch’; he was a member of the theatre group: Dave’n’Luke English Language Theatre and now performs as "Luke and friends". He is the author of "Flash on" and "Longman First Grammar and Vocabulary". He also gives talks and performances related to Shakespeare and Dickens.
Charo Reyes

English Philology degree by the University of Granada. Twenty five years of uninterrupted teaching practice. Since 1994, she has been a state teacher at various secondary schools in Andalucía. Currently teaching at IES Alpujarra, Órgiva (Granada), where she is the coordinator of the Bilingual Project for the school since  2010. President of GRETA from 2009 to 2015; for which she has carried out administration work as well as been responsible for the organization of Annual Conferences and Teacher Training events.  She has delivered talks and workshops for GRETA and the CEPs in Granada, Málaga and Jaén and for the Universities of Jaén and Granada. She has only recently (September 2016) been appointed "Coordinadora Pedagógica para Proyectos Lingüísticos de Centro de la provincia de Granada".


Chris Roland  (Key note speaker)

Christopher Roland is teacher and teacher trainer based at Active Language in Cádiz. Chris teaches 24 contact hours each week to a mixture of primary, secondary and adult students and on top of this speaks at as many conferences as he can throughout the year. He has previously worked at the British Council centres in Barcelona and Damascus and at the English Language Institute in Seville. He has written supplementary material for a number of major editorials is a Cambridge examiner and regularly contributes articles on methodology to English Teaching Professional magazine. His PowerPoint stories for very young learners can be found at He is currently interested in the areas of task design, micro-mechanics, the logic that teachers and students run on and how they talk to each other.

Enrique Ruiz Cano

Enrique Ruiz gained an English teaching training degree at the University of Murcia and a degree in Primary Education at UCAM before specialising in Bilingual Education. On top of that he has recently finished a MA in CLIL and Bilingual Education in Nebrija University in Madrid and has taken a significant amount of training in the UK. He has successfully passed the GESE Grade 12 from the Trinity College and the CPE from the University of Cambridge and is an eager-to-learn teacher when it comes to approaching CLIL and dealing with mixed-ability groups. He is currently the head of the English and CLIL department in his school and has led two Erasmus+ projects (KA1 and KA2) about CLIL too.

Adam Sands

ELT Consultant Express Publishing - Edebé for Southern Spain. Specialist in educational and academic materials and the methodology of learning English. I give presentations, write reports and studies on ELT materials, undertaking sales campaigns, organising training workshops etc. and In-house training and teacher training. I also organise, attend and/or present in conferences, events and meetings.

Xabier San Isidro  (Key note speaker)

B.A. in  English Philology, B.A. in Portuguese Philology and M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Xabier San Isidro has worked  as a teacher, as a consultant and as a teacher trainer for the past 20 years. He has been in charge of running and managing programmes related to multilingualism and curriculum development for different educational departments. He was also the Director of the Teacher Training Department of CIL-Lekaroz Innovation Centre (Navarre) and was a member of the group work Ponencia de lenguas extranjeras for the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Xabier works now as an education adviser for the Spanish Embassy Education Office in the United Kingdom and teaches the subject Curriculum Planning in the Master Oficial de Enseñanza Bilingüe, in the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja. As a researcher, he is working on CLIL in multilingual settings at the University of the Basque Country (portfolio:

Josefina C. Santana

Josefina C. Santana has been involved in English language teaching, teacher training, materials development, and administration for over 30 years. She holds a Ph.D. in Education from ITESO University in Mexico. She has been a speaker at various international conferences, such as TESOL, IATEFL and AILA.

Virginia Vinuesa

Profesora en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. Profesor Docente Investigador,

Doctora en Filología Inglesa por la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Grados de Educación Primaria y Educación Infantil. Profesora en el Máster de Enseñanza Bilingüe en Centros Educativos de Educación Primaria e Inmersión en Lengua Inglesa.


Peter has a broad range of interests across the arts and sciences. He has a rather diverse career history and has worked as a freelance writer, engineer and teacher. In his work as Director at Wonderstruck he makes use of this wide experience to develop educational shows, workshops and resources for a wide variety of clients. He has an HND in Physics, BEd in Secondary Science and an MSc in Education & Training Management.